Chris Kapsner for Senate
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"Whether we are talking about making health care more accessible, investing in our public schools, or repairing our aging infrastructure, it is time for us to get back to the basics and prioritize the people of Wisconsin.” 

-Chris Kapsner, Democrat for State Senate



  • PRIORITIZING AFFORDABLE HEALTHCARE: As a doctor, Chris is passionate about increasing access to affordable healthcare including mental health and addiction services.


  • INVESTING IN EDUCATION: With four children, Chris knows the importance of a great education. In the State Senate, Chris will support public school funding to improve our local schools and communities.


  • REPAIRING OUR INFRASTRUCTURE: In the State Senate, Chris will invest in transportation and broadband expansion projects to improve our local economies, enhance our safety, and allow for efficient local control.


  • PROTECTING OUR WISCONSIN TRADITIONS: Chris will act to preserve our Wisconsin traditions: family farms, hunting, fishing, clean air and water. 



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